Paris Kassinos

Less is more

Let’s face it, we are born and raised in materialism. And not only that, nothing seems powerful enough to stop this. My kids are not kids any more. The one is in adolescence and the other one is just about to enter. My wife and I have always tried to control the amount of material […]

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Difficult Feelings

Being able to stay with the feelings no matter how difficult they are and not act on them impulsively is a sign of emotional maturity. The easiest thing to do when emotionally burden is to act. And that most of the times proves destructive for everyone involved. It’s an infantile mechanism, that’s what babies do

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Sounds of Silence

The session started. The analysand, like it happens in the last months’ sessions, is in despair. The feeling of sadness fills the room. The psychoanalyst is the exclusive receiver of these feelings and he experiences them intensely. This is, anyway, one of his targets. The psychoanalyst doesn’t have as a primary target to ease the

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The Narcissist

  In the Narcissus Myth recorded by Ovid (1984), Liriope was raped by the river god Cephisus where she conceived and gave birth to Narcissus. When Liriope asked the prophet Tiresias about her son’s fate, his message was clear: Narcissus will live a long life as long as he doesn’t get to know himself. Narcissus

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